Picture-Perfect Farmhouse Home for Sale in Byron for $2,375,000

2022-06-15 13:51:06 By : Mr. Yingda Machinery

I am currently asking Siri how I can make a million dollars in 30 days because I finally found the house of my dreams!  It's everything farmhouse that I love and it is close to Rochester, Minnesota so I can still keep my day job.  I'm fine commuting from Byron.  I mean, Bear Paw Coffee is about to open up so no biggie.  There's just one issue...this dream house is $2,375,000.

While I am working on getting pre-approved (and coming up with a secret stash of cash), I thought I'd give you a sneak peek of where I will soon be living.

Once this house is mine, I'll let you come over and sip some wine on the massive front porch with me. I just don't have patio furniture so you might need to bring a lawn chair with you so you have a place to sit.

See the full listing for 7200 40th Street SW in Byron, Minnesota by Realtor Denel Ihde-Sparks - Remax Results here.

My First Dream Home in Minnesota Had an Ice Rink, Brewery, and a Minnesota Twins Connection

Do I want to live here?  Yes, desperately.  This isn't the first dream house I've spotted in Minnesota though.  A few years ago, a home that checked off all the boxes for me went on the market.  It was farmhouse fabulous also!  Oh, and a Minnesota Twins player used to live there.  You can see some photos below to see how amazingly awesome, and Minnesotan, this house truly was.  I mean, it had an ice rink AND a brewery!  Just under $2,000,000 was the price tag for this dream home.

Besides not being to afford it, the location was a bit outside of my available commuting distance because it was in Lakeville.  Shhh....Don't tell the bosses but I was willing to relocate and/or "find another opportunity" if it meant I could live in this dream.